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These Terms and Conditions (The Terms) regulate the rights and obligations that you acquire when making use of the Nearby APP through mobile devices. Please read them carefully and if you agree, click on Accept to start using the Application.

By accepting the Terms, you accept the content of the privacy, copyright, and personal data storage and collection policies in accordance with the Habeas Data Law of the Republic of Colombia. In addition, you agree that your personal data be used for the purpose indicated below.
If you do not agree with the Terms set forth herein, please refrain from accepting the conditions and using the Application.

The Application is a software developed by ApprilLabs S.A. (hereinafter "ApprilLabs") that allows you to manage the inventory of a business or company from a mobile device that has the application installed.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, please note that the additional services required by the Application for its operation, such as mobile networks, will be paid directly by the Application User. Therefore, ApprilLabs is not responsible for the payment of any service required for the use of the Application.




The Application, allows to discover close people according to their position, allowing the exchange of messages via chat, the application must be used by adults, users can block other users if you wish, Apprillabs reserves the use of the application, giving sanctions such as account suspension and reporting to the proper authorities.


You must be at least 18 years old




The use of the Application is personal and private. The following are the behaviors that ApprilLabs expressly prohibits the Users of the Application:

  1. You may not use the Application for commercial purposes, you may not market the Application or charge for access to it.

  2. You may not sell, lease, modify or integrate the Application with other software owned or owned by third parties.

  3. You may not duplicate, transfer, access, copy or distribute the Application in any medium without prior written authorization from ApprilLabs.

  4. You may not reverse engineer, alter or modify the Application.

  5. Sexual exploitation, pornography and sex tourism with children and adolescents is prohibited.

  6. You may not carry out any activity that directly or indirectly affects the interests of ApprilLabs.


The Application, without limitation, includes graphic designs, texts, interactive features, images, photographs, fonts, trademarks are property or are duly licensed to ApprilLabs, and are protected by current regulations on copyright and property industrial applicable in Colombia.
ApprilLabs reserves all rights to the Application.


ApprilLabs through this document grants the User a license to use, without exclusivity, for a limited time, non-transferable and revocable for private and personal use. Any commercial use is expressly prohibited.



In compliance with the Personal Data protection law, through this document we request your authorization for ApprilLabs to collect, store and use your personal data registered in the registry, in its database, solely and exclusively for the following purposes:

Ensure optimal service.

  1. Contact him by any means, either email, landline, cell phone, or at the registered address.

  2. When you complete your profile, you may share additional information with us, such as your personality details, interests, and other details; and also content such as your photo, you can grant us permission to access your camera or photo album. Certain information you choose to provide to us may be considered "special" or "sensitive" in some jurisdictions; for example, their racial or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, and religious beliefs. By granting us this information, you give us your consent for us to process it.

  3. Facilitate the correct execution of purchases and provision of contracted services.

  4. Perform statistical studies that allow designing improvements in the services provided.

  5. Manage basic administration tasks.

  6. Inform by any means, the promotions, news, products and services related to the events and products marketed by ApprilLabs., Products and services promoted directly by the strategic Allies of ApprilLabs, which generate added values ​​for you.

  7. Accounting.

  8. Compliance with contractual obligations, whereby the information may be transferred to third parties.

  9. Compliance with judicial decisions and administrative and legal, fiscal and regulatory provisions.

  10. Transmission of information and personal data in audit processes.

  11. Billing.

For the same purposes, the authorization will be understood as issued when exchanged with the companies that make up ApprilLabs.
Remember that with this authorization you have the right to:

  1. Know, update and request rectification at any time of your personal data. This right may be exercised, inter alia, against partial, inaccurate, incomplete, fractional data that is misleading, or those whose treatment is expressly prohibited or has not been authorized.

  2. Request proof of the granting of this authorization.

  3. Be informed by ApprilLabs about the use that has been given to your personal data.

  4. Revoke this authorization and / or request the deletion of your data in case of breach of the rights set forth above.

  5. Access your personal data at no cost via email

Your personal data will be stored securely, having taken all precautionary measures to protect your information against adulterations, losses, queries, unauthorized or fraudulent use or access. This with the objective that your information is protected. Your data will be treated according to the Manual of Policies and Procedures for the protection of personal data of ApprilLabs.

Through this acceptance, you expressly declare that the purpose of the use by ApprilLabs of your personal data, has been fully informed and expressly authorizes that your data be shared with third parties, duly authorized by ApprilLabs and delivered in accordance with the provisions of the law.

If you do not agree with the content of this legal notice, we ask you to express clearly that you are not willing to provide the required personal data, or refrain from registering your personal data in the formats that have been provided to you.

ApprilLabs reserves the right to provide the service through the Application, as well as to block your account.



Generally. From time to time, Nearby may offer products and services for purchase (“in app purchases”) through iTunes, Google Play, carrier billing.  If you choose to make an in app purchase, you will be prompted to confirm your purchase with the applicable payment provider, and your method of payment (be it your card or a third party account such as Google Play or iTunes) (your “Payment Method”) will be charged for the in app purchase at the prices displayed to you for the service(s) you've selected as well as any sales or similar taxes that may be imposed on your payments, and you authorize Nearby or the third party account, as applicable, to charge you. If you purchase an auto-recurring periodic subscription through an in app purchase, your IAP Account will continue to be billed for the subscription until you cancel. After your initial subscription commitment period, and again after any subsequent subscription period, your subscription will automatically continue for an additional equivalent period, at the price you agreed to when subscribing.

Auto-Renewal; Automatic Card Payment

Subscriptions are automatically renewed, until you terminate or cancel the subscription. When you purchase a subscription, your Payment Method will continue to be billed monthly in advance within 24 hours of the date of the initial purchase at the price you agreed to when initially subscribing. Your card payment information will be stored and subsequently used for the automatic card payments in accordance with the Agreement.

After each payment you will receive a receipt by email. Objections to a payment already made, should be directed to Customer support if you were billed directly by Nearby or the relevant third party account such as iTunes. You are also be able to object by contacting your bank or payment provider, who can provide further information on your rights as well as applicable time limits.

You may unconditionally withdraw your consent to automatic card payments at any time by going to settings on Nearby or the relevant third party account, but be advised that you are still obligated to pay any outstanding amounts.

If you want to change or terminate your subscription, you will need to log in to your thrid party account (or Account Settings on Nearby) and follow instructions to terminate or cancel your subscription, even if you have otherwise deleted your account with us or if you have deleted the Nearby application from your device. Deleting your account on Nearby or deleting the Nearby application from your device does not terminate or cancel your subscription; Nearby will retain all funds charged to your Payment Method until you terminate or cancel your subscription on Nearby or the third party account, as applicable. If you terminate or cancel your subscription, you may use your subscription until the end of your then-current subscription term, and your subscription will not be renewed after your then-current term expires.




You may stop using the service at any time, for any reason, without having to notify ApprilLabs of such circumstance. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if you wish us to delete your registration and personal information, you must send a communication to the following email:

ApprilLabs may cease use of the service at any time, for any reason, without having to notify the User of such circumstance.




ApprilLabs may incorporate promotional or commercial information to the contents of the Application. Notwithstanding the foregoing, keep in mind that ApprilLabs is not responsible for the veracity of third-party business information; nor is its publication a recommendation for the use of the products and / or services promoted through said information. 

The content sent between users, or any consequence resulting from any type of meeting that network users can agree with each other.




ApprilLabs may modify, without prior notice, any feature of the Application. With the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, you waive to submit any claim or demand for the implementation of the modifications to the Application or any affectation in the service that such modifications may imply.

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